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Classic Server Status

Be apart of a thriving interactive Star Wars Galaxies Community, where RPG comes to life, Experience a free to play sand box Emulator with endless opportunities, play with friends, build a community pvp, pve, craft, unlock secrets of the force, loot, chat, tame creatures, raise pets, entertain, Join the galactic civil war, bounty hunt jedi, smuggle contraband, start a guild with friends, run your very own city as mayor! the list goes on an on find your place in the galaxy today!

Open Source

Flurry is currently under AGPL Licensing, All of our source code can be found on our Public Git Hub Repository, when distributing our source code all changes ever made our logged in our git repository history, it is available for anyone to use as long as you follow the AGPL. Flurry is currently using SWGEmu core3 source code alongside the public Core3 Engine to power up our server. On top of the base 14.1 Tre files that we use we have also incorporated Mod The Galaxy Custom Tre files for extra content that will be posted in future releases on our Public Roadmap.

Group Incentives

group incentives.

Resource Integration

Galaxy Harvester.

Chat Integration

The chat services on Flurry are all connect, whether you hop in our community Discord server or join the Live Flurry Classic server you will be able to chat with the entire community in real time, these features also work on your mobile devices!. Please keep in mind to follow the chat rules!

Player Stats/Leaderboards

Player Leaderboards.

Free of Charge

Play for free.

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Our Server Hardware

We currently rent the following Hardware to provide our community the best experience we can.

Network Soultions Web Hosting (Renting)


Per Month

  • Domain Web site
  • Community Forums
  • 5 Terabyte Storage
  • 5 Email Accounts
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(OVH Servers) Dedicated Server (Renting)


Per Month

  • 1 Gbps Network Connection
  • 1 Gbps Incoming Bandwidth
  • 500 mbps Outgoing Bandwith
  • OVH Specs 32G E3-1231v3 SoftRaid 2x2 TB Server
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Community Staff

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